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Windows 10 is the latest operating system from Microsoft for computers, laptops and mobile devices. Windows 10 is a milestone for Microsoft. The operating system was designed specifically to address the myriad of complaints users had with the radically different Windows 8. Many of the features that people really enjoyed under Windows XP and Windows 7 were stripped out of Windows 8. A large number of those features have now returned and been improved. Another way this operating system is different is because Windows 10 is a free download for the first year. Microsoft has also pledged to support the operating system as long as it is running on a current device. These are dramatic departures from previous Microsoft policies.

One of the most welcome features people are finding in Windows 10 is the return of the start menu button. The start menu has finally been placed back on the task bar where it belongs. The new start menu is not exactly like the old one. You can use it to access many applications on the computer. The difference is that half of the start menu now shows live tiles relaying real-time information such as the weather or sports scores. Users also will automatically go straight to the desktop when booting up Windows 10. This is important since Windows 8 users become frustrated with the initial loading screen that just showed large icons and live tiles.

A new addition to Windows 10 is a program called Cortana. This is basically an attempt to create a smart search function that will work for whatever you need. You can access Cortana through a search box on the task bar. Some versions of Windows 10 also allow you to speak questions to Cortana. The program will scan through the help files in Windows and the files on your hard drive looking for matching results. Cortana can search the Internet at the same time. The program takes many of your personal preferences into account as well as your search history online when looking for answers. Cortana can make many tasks easier if you become accustomed to using the program.

Another new addition to Windows 10 is the inclusion of virtual desktops. You are no longer stuck with a single desktop that can become cluttered with icons, folders or files. You can now make up to four virtual desktops. Each desktop is independent of the others. You can customize each one with icons, wallpapers and other settings. You are able to switch seamlessly between the virtual desktops using keyboard shortcuts or the start menu. These desktops make it much easier to keep things organized. They also allow you to separate work and personal desktops on shared systems. You can even use the virtual desktops on mobile devices running Windows 10. This feature has been met with some acclaim since it is a true step forward for the operating system.

One thing that you might notice about Windows 10 is the heavy focus on the Internet and cloud services. This is because Microsoft no longer wants to just provide a static operating system. The company is now thinking about providing services on top of that platform. Windows 10 is the first Microsoft operating system to truly support two-in-one devices and easy integration of computers with mobile devices. Most of the basic functions in Windows 10 attempt to connect to the Internet to help users. Even the built-in games like Solitaire request that you log into a Microsoft account in order to unlock all of the features. This can be very helpful for some people who maintain data and accounts online.

Windows 10 does have a slightly different appearance from previous versions of the operating system. Many people have noticed that most windows no longer have sharp borders. Everything just ends at the edges of the window. That can get distracting especially when using multiple windows at the same time. The icons most people are familiar with are now different in the system tray. This was done by Microsoft to give people a more consistent experience regardless of the device running Windows 10. The result is that the operating system has a sleeker and more simplified look than previous versions where aesthetics were a key concern. The program that Windows 10 uses to achieve this consistent look across all devices is known as Continuum.

Windows 10 is made for people who use multiple devices as well. The operating system has built-in synchronization functionality. This means Windows 10 will attempt to synchronize files and other services between laptops, computers and mobile devices. Microsoft has even released apps on various other operating systems for devices that will make this task much easier. This type of cross-device functionality is likely to be expanded on in the future as technology advances and changes.

Not all people will be happy with Windows 10. One of the major issues is that a computer or device running Windows 10 is expected to be connected to the Internet at all times when in use. This can be a real problem for people who want to use the operating system primarily offline. Much of the functionality that relies on the Internet might seem wasteful or confusing to people who are used to just having a home laptop or desktop system. One example is if you password protect your computer or laptop. Windows 10 will attempt to go online to check that your password is correct automatically instead of looking at local data.

Windows 10 is a major improvement over Windows 8. It is far more user-friendly and stable. It has the features that people who use Windows expect in the operating system. Windows 10 can handle a wider range of modern devices to make thing more convenient for users. Upgrading to Windows 10 is the right choice for most people with a modern computer or laptop.


  • Stable and user-friendly
  • Includes the features people want
  • Better performance than previous versions


  • Online connectivity requirements can be problematic
  • Different appearance might bother some people
  • Some Windows 8 software does not run under Windows 10 yet
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